Grobari pišu – Angela Franco, navijač VK Partizan iz Torina!

Anđela je rođena u Torinu i ceo život živi u Italiji. U Srbiji nije nikada bila. Ipak, to je ne sprečava da pomno prati sva dešavanja u i oko vaterpolo kluba Partizan, da gleda utakmice putem TV ekrana, skuplja fotografije i tekstove o Filipu Filipoviću i drugim igračima. Objavljujemo Anđelin tekst o Filipu Filipoviću na engleskom jeziku, uz izvinjenje  zbog nekoliko gramatičkih grešaka koje postoje u tekstu. Anđela je iz Italije, engleski joj nije maternji jezik. Suštinu priče ćemo svakako razumeti, a to je poruka da navijačke strasti ne poznaju granice.



My waterpolo passion was born when I was very little and it was born thanks to Vaterpolo Klub Partizan.
It’s true, my first watepolo match was a Vaterpolo Klub Partizan’s match, which team that catched my attention at once. From that moment I decided to start following waterpolo and Vaterpolo Klub Partizan.
Vaterpolo Klub Partizan became my favourite team, it continues of being my favourite team and it will be my favourite team forever.
I have said this because Filip played in that Vaterpolo Klub Partizan for which I was keen in from that moment. A young Filip played there, who was starting his long waterpolo carrier in order to become the best waterpolo player of the world.
Filip was that person, who made me a true Vaterpolo Klub Partizan supporter.
Filip was that person, who made me a true Slavian waterpolo supporter, which I continue to follow with lot of passion still today.
Filip is a left-handed player as you know. Filip is the best left-hander and the best waterpolo player of the world, even if someone carries on saying that he isn’t the best player of the world still today.
The first time that I saw Filip playing as a Vaterpolo Klub Partizan player, I liked very much his way of playing and his left art form, as I call always his way of using his left hand in waterpolo.
It was an opening passion, which became a real and true support for him. It continues even now without any signal of concession.
I started as a simple fan of a common left-handed waterpolo player of Vaterpolo Klub Partizan for arriving of being a true and real supporter of the best left-hander of the world.
My interest in Filip The Left-Hander gone beyond waterpolo.
Filip came myself up to the left-handedness world.
I started of being interested in left-handers, in the left-handedness thanks to Filip.
This particular interest in left-handed world continues still today and it will never end.
Filip helped me so much in order to become a true fan of his left art form. From that time I started searching more and more informations about it, because I wanted to know as much as possible about this topic.
I transferred also my left-handedness passion in waterpolo, which means that the left-hander became my favourite role of waterpolo.
Nowadays left-handers are the first waterpolo players that I watch, I follow, I’m interested in waterpolo.

If I’m a big fan of left-handers, it’s worth of Filip.
As we know, Filip left Vaterpolo Klub Partizan for going to play in other waterpolo teams, but my support for him has remained the same still today.
I’m a supporter of this fantastic left-hander and I will be it forever.
I think that it will be so difficult finding a left-hander like him in the following future, but hope is the last thing, which can die.
Personally speaking it will be so difficult being interested in another left-hander as I have been doing with Filip.
If you ask me: “Why do you like Filip?” or “What does Filip mean for you?”. I can answer you saying that Filip has been that person, who made me the Vaterpolo Klub Partizan supporter, whom I’m today.
If I’m a Grobarka, it’s worth of Filip and the great player he demonstrates of being in every waterpolo match.
He will always have my support, in spite of his different waterpolo caps.
I’m and I will be always the first person, who will support him despite everything.
There is always someone, who tries to say bad things about him, but I will be always the first person, who will always defend him.
Filip is an athlete, who is gifted of a fantastic athletic strength, of which you can’t be impressed seeing it for the first time.
Filip is an athlete, who is gifted of a left art form, which is always so decisive in order to obtain a victory or a trophy.
His way of being a decisive player has always been a feature of him, which I liked so much. This feature has always pushed me on believing that he could do any type of trick in every waterpolo match, which I can watch.
Reality says that if he plays, everything is possible and every victory is achievable.
Reality demonstrates that he has became the best of the world thanks to his unbelievable way of being a decisive player in every match he plays.
His left art form has also helped him in order to become the best player ever.
He has demonstrated that the left-hander knows how to change a match in a good way or in a bad way as he likes.
Filip has showed to the whole world that left-handers make waterpolo more interesting for other people.
It is not a coincidence that a left-hander has became the best player of the world.
It is not a coincidence that the best player of the world is made in Banjica.
Filip has teached me lots of things during this long time of supporting him.
He has teached me of never giving up and believing on something till the end.
He has teached me this particular thing during the European Championships of Budapest 2014.
Everything happened in the semifinal match against Montenegro.
Serbian waterpolo team didn’t start that match as the best as it could do. The first quarter ended with the result of 5-1 for Montenegro.
I was so nervous, so sad because I wasn’t so happy seeing Serbia playing so bad against Montenegro without any signal of comeback.
Filip’s strong celebration after having scored the second goal for Serbia gave me some energy for believing on Serbia’s comeback.
His strong celebration explained me that you have to never give up, you have to believe on something till there is a bit of hope.
This thing will come with me forever and every time I have some problems or troubles, I will think about it and I try to do it, remembering that moment.
Someone doesn’t like very much his strong celebrations because they think that they are not respectful with regard to the other team.
I like very much his strong celebrations because they are signals of strong sport craving, of strong adrenalin and strong passion for what he does.
Filip could be considered a good sport and human example for everyone because he is a good representative of several important sport values like competitiveness, willpower and strong behaviour.
He has always been an athlete, who has always done his best in every match he has played.
He has always scored lots of goals, he has always showed good performances to all waterpolo fans in every match he has played.
It’s very difficult to find a fantastic player like him, who has always had the talent of fascinating many waterpolo fans all around the world.
It’s very difficult to find an athlete like him, who has always had that talent of fascinating his waterpolo supporters through his goals and his left art form.
It’s very difficult to find an athlete like him, but it will be very difficult for everyone arriving to his high level. It will be very difficult for everyone outdoing his high level.
Personally speaking I can say without any problem that Filip represents the ideal left-hander as an athlete but also as an human being.
Filip represents waterpolo and I think that anyone can’t represent waterpolo as he manages to do it all around the world.