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Black and White World

Season ticket for our international fans

Finally, every Partizan fan, wherever he is located, will be able to be a holder of a season ticket for his beloved club. The Putschists Foundation, in cooperation with KK Partizan have pleasure of introducing, for the upcoming 2016/2017 season, a season ticket for our international fans. Tickets can be kept as a souvenir in your wallet with a sense of satisfaction that you have helped your club, however when you decide to attend any KK Partizan home match, upon presentation of your season ticket at the counter you will be issued a ticket for the corresponding sector.

Seasonal tickets for our International fans can be used for all matches that the club is playing at home,  such as ; FIBA Champions League; AEK, Zijelona Gora, Besiktas, Dinamo Sassari, Ludwigsburg, Charleroi and Szolnok; ABA league and domestic championship, which together count for up to at least 30 home games. We expect that this season coach Dzikic, together with his guys, will go far in the Champions League, so the potential number of home games is even higher.

Sale of a season tickets will be accompanied by a campaign BLACK AND WHITE WORLD, which aims to connect the fans of Partizan from Alaska to Australia. Therefore with every purchase of an “International Supporter” season ticket  the buyer will receive a free BLACK AND WHITE WORLD t-shirt,  that you will surely wear with pride in the country where you live. Also at the web site of the Foundation, you can find an interactive map that allows you to find all the supporters holding an International Season Ticket, which can lead to the Partizan fans abroad frequently socializing together when watching a match or coming to Belgrade for the match KK Partizan. Locations where our international supporters together with names etc will only be released by consent.

t-shirt mock upa

Furthermore, as part of this campaign we want to know where all of our international supporters are, therefore we want to invite all owners of our international season tickets to be photographed next to some of the sights in his/her country, city or town and to send us via our Facebook page Fondacija Pučisti 2012, and we will publish all the pictures on both, our web site and on our Facebook page. At the end of the campaign, the Foundation will produce a video of the received images.




Stand: 100 €
Stand behind backbord: 125 €
VIP: 350 €
Premium (court side seats): 500 €

T- shirt of your choice delivered with your season ticket.

Season tickets for the expatriates can purchase our product page on the website of the Foundation.